3 Steps to Booking Your First Couple Escort Date!

As part of the escort dating experience, one of the leading services used is couple escort dating. While all other escort services aim at pleasing male clients only; couple dating is intended curious couples who want to spice up their dating life with third-party assistance or escorts. Professional couple escorts offer a unique type of dating for pairs who want to try dating out of the ordinary without jeopardizing their relationship.

Are you and your partner looking for the perfect boost of lust, communication, and intimacy?

Here are 3 steps to booking your very first couple escort date and making it a successful one, too!

Discuss the Service Upfront

If there is one thing you don’t want to do when booking a couple escort is to make a booking without consulting your partner. That said, have a lengthy talk with your partner and ensure you are both on the same page regarding your couple escort experience. Also, before booking the service and after having your talk; it is also relevant you do your own research and learn what couple escort dating might include as extra services.


Communication doesn’t just refer to you and your partner agreeing on booking a couple escort date. Some other things you will need to go over with your partner include the time spent with your escort; the type of date you will have (an intimate outcall, a dinner date, and drinks, a travel date, etc.). Next, it is very important you set up boundaries as to how your date will progress. If there is still sensitivity about sharing the bed with your escort, you can start with dinner dates and outings and work your way from there. The key thing to remember here is that couple escort dating is a discreet and private experience that aims to please both partners in a relationship at once.

Rules and Boundaries

Discussing the boundaries of your couple escort date revolves around finding a happy middle that works for both partners. The key thing about dating a couple escort is to approach the date openly and with great flexibility and to be open about what you expect out of the experience. Jealousy is also a factor in dating couple escorts; so make sure you and your partner clear the air in that aspect before proceeding with your booking.

To ensure the transparency of your booking is there; you can also create a joint email with your partner and keep in touch with all details of your escort date.

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