4 Arousing Tips to Set Your Bedroom on Fire!

Getting ready for the sexiest tryst of your life? Well, fasten your seatbelts, as things are about to get a whole lot sexier! It is one thing to envision a stimulating sex adventure, but it is a completely different thing to deliver great a game every time.

If your sex life has become a bit dull (as it often happens with most people), there are a few ways to instigate the spark yet again. Here are the 4 hottest tips to shake up your sex life! 

Hit the Bathroom Beforehand!

Instead of showering after sex, take a nice bath for two and make it a sultry foreplay intro. Fill your tub with warm water, light some candles, and bring in the massage oil. Water is great for boosting your circulation while relaxing your muscles, which will then give you better erection and more excitement about what’s ahead. While in your bathtub, feel free to bring in your favorite waterproof sex toys and experiment your heart out!

Arousing Tips: Go, Stop, Go!

One of the things that get women pretty excited during sex has to do with foreplay, particularly anticipation. Women are very responsive to teasing and stimulation. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use your hands, toys, and tongue to explore her body until it drives her crazy. When you begin to notice she’s getting really excited, stop whatever you are doing and let her have a breather. This little edging trick creates erotic frustration, but the longer you stop and pause, the more powerful her long-awaited orgasm will be. 

Redo Your Bedroom!

When you stay at a hotel, the sexual desire somehow increases on its own. But, in reality, it all has to do with the setup. You know, hotels have nice towels, massage oils, soft bedding, and room service, which create just the right mood for sex. One way to do that without actually staying at a hotel is to revamp your bedroom and make it a temple of pleasure and sophistication. Of course, you will have to spend a few bucks to change your bed sheets or soaps, but hey, you already know it will all be worth it.

Arousing Tips: Let Her Hear It!

If you want to completely knock the woman in your bed off her feet, use your voice as an indicator for your pleasure. Usually, men think that women don’t care about hearing their moans, but that is completely untrue. Women thrive on the idea of listening to a man moaning and panting in their bed and it makes them feel appreciated, desired, and excited. And while you are at voicing your arousal, you might also want to add in a few dirty words, too. 

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