4 Escort-Approved Tips for Your Intimate Outcall!

Intimate outcalls are one of the most fulfilling service used by clients. On one hand, intimate escort outcalls guarantee you a fully discrete and private date at your home or a hotel room. On the other hand, making an outcall to an escort is a great way to find a fabulous female company to fulfil all of your fantasies and desires.

Nevertheless, when planning an intimate outcall with a VIP escort, considering these 4 escort-friendly tips will help you enjoy the kind of date you were hoping for. 

Initiate More

Ask any escort and she will tell you, clients who take charge in the bedroom are quite hot. Getting hot and heavy with an escort is an exhilaration in itself, but when you take the lead and allow yourself to be sexually liberated, well that’s a whole different game.

Of course, for many clients, making the first move might seem stressful, but escorts are quite good at reading between the lines and would love you to step outside your comfort zone and go for what you want.

The Perfect Timing

Although being intimate with an escort is quite exciting and satisfying, you will have to think about the perfect timing to make your booking. Namely, booking an intimate date with an escort is not the best idea when you just want someone to talk to or hang out with.

If you are moody or want to feel supported and understood, then you are welcome to make dinner reservations or talk the issue out with your escort in a private setting. As for your sultry tryst, always rise to the occasion with a clear head and a sense of adventure.  

Be Creative

Escort dating offers a wide range of opportunities to get creative in bed, so don’t waste your time on same-old sex scenarios. Escorts are always eager to experiment and teach you something new, so allow them and also, be prepared to offer a few raunchy ideas of your own. Sexual exploration usually has a lot to do with being innovative and curious, and who better to be both with than your favourite escort?

Dress Up

Again, your outfit and grooming practices are not often mentioned as a ‘must’ for your escort date, and that’s a pity. Just like you would dress up for an important event or a celebration, you should nurture those grooming practices for your escort date as well.

For one, you can expect your escort to come prepared and dolled-up for your date, so why should you lag behind? Come on, now, out on your nice shirt, trim your beard, spritz some perfume and whatever you do, keep your underwear neat and classy.

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