4 Innovative Oral Sex Positions for You!

Oral sex is likely one of the best foreplay ideas that will guarantee you orgasm, a great banging ahead and lots of fun! But, instead of sticking to what you know about oral sex, and especially blowjobs, introducing a little creativity is more than welcome.

Blowjobs need no special introduction or instruction, and yet, there is more than one way to find pleasure and switch things up. To give you an idea, here are 4 Innovative Oral Sex Positions which you might have not tried until now!

Edge of the Bed!

This oral sex position is easy to pull off and comfortable for both parties. In it, the man kneels at the edge of the bed, while the woman kneels in front of him on the ground. Once in position, you can easily control the oral intensity and tempo, and move things to the bed whenever you’re ready. To ensure your partner is also supported, place a blanket on the ground.

Up Close and Personal!

Here is a great oral sex position for couples who like to keep their got games on the edge. While in bed, the woman lies back while the man squats over her face. Kneeling, not sitting, the man can give the position a bit of edge by taking the woman’s legs to rest against his shoulders, while her lips and tongue all working their magic in all the right places.

Innovative Oral Sex Positions: The Dip!

This is another great sex position that will ensure your maximum pleasure, comfort and intimacy. Begin with the woman seated on the ground (or bed) and the man standing upright. The woman scoots underneath, facing her target, just close enough to initiate oral pleasure. Dipping from above, the man controls the pace of the action and can hold on to the woman’s hands for some extra stability.

Innovative Oral Sex Positions: Leg Lock!

A favorite for many couples, this position is both enjoyable and easy to do. While in bed, the woman lies vertically, while the man positions himself sideways, with his crotch positioned right, and both his legs wrapping the woman’s head in a leg lock. The position is great as it allows you a great deal of oral pleasure but also allows you to touch and explore your partner’s body in the meantime. The leg lock can sometimes require the woman to lift her head a tad higher, so don’t hesitate to use a small pillow or a blanket for additional support.

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