4 Types of Orgasms and How to Make Each Happen!

There is hardly ever talk on sex without the mention of orgasms as a cherry on top. Sure, orgasms are the peak of sexual pleasure, but did you know there is more than one type of orgasm to reach? Even more, did you know that by stimulating different erogenous zones you can reach almost all of them?

While orgasms are not the most significant thing that makes sex enjoyable, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try for one! And before you know it, and with just enough effort and determination, you will give your partner more than one kind of orgasm.

To let you in on all the juicy details, here are 4 types of orgasms you can have, and how to have them!

Clitoral Orgasm!

The most popular among all orgasms, the clitoral orgasm requires external stimulation, causing pleasurable wetness and ease. Typically, men go straight for the clitoris, but most women feel too sensitive at the motion, so if you want to award your partner this orgasm, you might want to keep balanced pressure. Aside from fingers, clitoral orgasm can be reached with the help of sex toys, comfortable objects and, as ever, your tongue.

4 Types of Orgasms: Vaginal!

The vaginal orgasm is considered more powerful than the clitoral, but therefore also harder to reach. To make it happen, it is important to stimulate the G-spot, located inside the front part of the vagina. The trick to activating the G-spot with your fingers or a toy, while moving your fingers in a ‘come here’ motion. Of course, to make sure you are doing it all right, consult your partner and follow their lead.

Anal Orgasm!

Anal orgasms are not impossible to reach, but take a certain amount of patience. Interestingly, anal orgasms are more easily reachable for men, because of the easily-stimulated prostate. In some cases, you can reach an anal orgasm by simply playing with the ring around it, and sometimes you can even engage in penetration. Nevertheless, whichever path you take, remind yourself to use lube and lots of it.

4 Types of Orgasms: Erogenous Zones!

Erogenous zones got that name for a reason and can all lead to a mind-shattering orgasm. Some of the key erogenous zones to stimulate include the nipples, the sack, the neck, thighs, and even the bellybutton. Not all erogenous zones work the same for your partner, so make sure you get to know your partner’s body well or ask for instructions.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/types-of-orgasms#the-stages-of-anorgasm

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