6 Gateways to a Steamier Sex Life!

Let’s face it, as good as your sex life may be, you always have the chance to make it better. Becoming a better lover might be an ever-learning process but showing off new skills in bed is more than welcome. Unfortunately, we spend more time having sex instead of having steamier sex and working on it. As a result, we are left with a sexually unhappy partner, a crushing dating life, and not much intimacy and closeness.

Because of that, it is important you master a new way of perceiving, having, and enjoying sex. Here are 6 simple techniques to help you enrich your lovemaking skills and bedroom performance.

Talk about it !

sometimes, just talking about sex will get you and your woman in the mood for it. Women like the teasing aspects that lead to sex, so feel free to provoke her interest using some hot sex talk. According to sex therapists, aside from talking about sex, asking for guidance and information can also help you learn more about how to please a woman.

Healthy nutrition and Steamier Sex!

eating well has a lot to do with how good you are in bed, believe it or not. Proper nutrition including veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, and protein will help boost your libido, reduce cholesterol levels, and even give you greater stamina during sex.

Don’t over-exercise!

although exercising is a great way to improve your sex skills, you shouldn’t overstress your body with it. If you go overboard with training, you risk exhausting both your body and mind, so sex will be the last thing you are thinking about.

Abstention can help you with Steamier Sex!

abstaining a bit from sex and all sexy things is good to build a clearer focus and strengthen your libido.Without preoccupying your mind with how to have better sex, give yourself a few days’ break and see how easily you begin to miss it.

Schedule it!

not the fanciest way to boost your sex game, scheduling does give you something to look forward to. Whether dating or in a relationship, a scheduled tryst is also beneficial for establishing a healthy balance between sex, work, home life, and obligations.

Bring Technology in to help with Steamier Sex!

the things that lead up to sex are sometimes more intriguing than sex itself, and technology helps as well. Be daring to send a naughty text or call a woman just to make her feel wanted. Need something raunchier and new? Try setting up an on-camera sex session, even if you are both under the same roof.

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