6 of the Wildest Sex Trends for 2021!

With the new year comes a whole new intimate life for you as well! If you haven’t had the chance to tend to your sex life, this year you’d might want to start with the latest trends. As it turns out, sex is highly popular in 2021 and the trends include everything from going retro to relying on sex-friendly technology.  

To start the year on the right track, here are 6 of the sexiest trends to try in 2021.

1. Escorts

Although escorts have always been a popular choice among men, this year, they make the perfect cure for loneliness and dullness. Escorts are quite fun, and also casual and professional, and you can meet up for both private and public dates. With discretion guaranteed as well as pleasure, escorts make dating look super-sexy.

2. Virtual webcam sex

Speaking of escorts, or not, virtual sex dates are very in-demand this year around. On-camera sex experiences can be very satisfying especially if you have no other option to meet someone and get dirty. With an escort, on-camera dates can be as raunchy as you want them to be or can keep the hanging-out vibe- client’s pick.

3. Non-penetrative sex

Although it sounds odd, non-penetrative sex is whole field men tend to ignore in their lovemaking games. No-penetration sex involves more intense foreplay and oftentimes requires to find new ways to orgasm, even without P-goes-in-V scenario. As a playfield of opportunities, this naughty little kink will teach you that orgasms can come from various sources.

4. Lube First

If you have neglected the use of lube in your sexy affairs, this year, that has to change. Whether with a date, a partner or when flying solo, lube comes to the rescue and allows you to smoothen and sophisticate your sex life. Lube also goes well with condoms, sex toys and such, so dedicate this year to experimenting with it as much as possible.

5. Outside the Bed

Another great sex trend of 2021 is having sex anywhere but the bed. This, naturally, opens the gates to far more options than you imagined. From the shower and sofa to your car, closet, or the kitchen counter, make this year one count.

6. Sex Talk

Alas, sex talk is a kink you need to master this year. Not that sex talk has ever left the hall of fame, but if you have neglected your sexy verbal ways, now’s the time to refine them.