Sex It Up: The 6 Valentines Day Games You Need!

Has your sex life been hibernating this winter?

Don’t stress over it, as Valentine’s Day is well upon its way and has plenty of goodies set to revive the passion you once had! Together with dinner, a card and a nice bottle of wine, make Valentine’s special and add some sexy fun to it.

With so many Valentines Day Games to choose from, here are 6 you and your partner are going to love!

The Lap Dance Performance!

Lap dances are for everybody, which is why this game will make sure you both enjoy the erotic visuals. Choose a perfect song and set a one-minute timer for each partner, taking turns dancing and undressing in front of each other. Don’t be alarmed to pull out your sexiest moves, it will definitely earn you extra points with your partner!

Valentines Day Games: The Sex Stack!

A popular sexy game for two, Sex Stack allows you to play a handful of games without getting bored. The game is designed to fit everyone’s tastes and preferences and is just the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year!

An Inviting Card!

Steer clear of the ‘XO’ Valentine’s Day cards, and compose one that screams lust, desire and invitation to play! If you are not quite a creative genius, you can simply book a hotel room for the two of you and simply put the time and place on the card. It shouldn’t be long before your partner takes the hint and joins you for a night of explosive eroticism!

Valentine’s Day Games: Literotica!

Not the master of dirty talk? Literotica helps you choose just the saucy read for you! Have your partner choose a story you’d like and you do the same for her. Find the content you need on Literotica and either read it to each other or record narrative audio to give your partner a heads up of what’s to come.

A 1000-Choice Game Night!

Board games for two can make a very sexy scenario and this little box gives you over 1000 directions to take! A combination of foreplay, intimacy, and sexiness, the 1000-choice game is an erotica booster, and lets you try a little bit of everything, including foreplay, body shots, and even sexy edibles!

The Nudes Game!

This game is simple, yet beyond effective. It goes like this. At some point during the day, take 10 minutes off work or your lunch to take a dirty nude. Then, simply send the photo to your partner without any further explanation. Now, sit back and let the night come, painted in all shades of lust and passion!


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