These 5 Traits Will Make You the Greatest Lover in Bed!

Even though it is discussed as much, there is something to be said about finding sexual pleasure by pleasuring your woman. When you make sex enjoyable for your date or partner you can expect plenty of praise in return and a massive boost of your confidence and ego and become her greatest lover.

Women are very responsive in bed, especially when in the hands of a lover who knows how to play the game. If you want to become perfect for the woman in your bed, here are 5 things to learn.   

1. Be Her Greatest Lover By Making Her Feel Desired!

One of the biggest turn-ons for women is you making her feel desired and respected. Showering her with compliments will set you on the right track, but actually telling her how much you crave to have her will be just the trigger she needs. When a woman feels appreciated and wanted, she will be happy to return the favor and make you feel extra special.

2. Give Her the Foreplay She Wants!

Foreplay takes many shapes, forms, and intensities, but the question here is- which direction does your woman want to take? The best way to learn how a woman wants her foreplay served is to ask her. Once you begin, let her instruct you all the way to her orgasm, and then, enjoy your turn. 

3. Be Her Greatest Lover By Teasing Her!

A great lover works in advance, so make your woman feel desired at any time of the day and night. Although life happens to all of us, taking the time to get flirty and touchy-feely with your partner will help you evolve into a great lover.

4. Don’t Forget Kissing!

Being a decent lover means never shying away from a good kissing session. Kisses are far more arousing than direct ‘approach’ and can be done in many ways. While kissing, think of your woman’s lips but also, the rest of her body. Let your mouth travel everywhere, using your tongue and teeth in the meantime. Then, go back to French kissing again and repeat the cycle until none of you can take it anymore.

5. Hit the Right Spots Will Get You To Be Her Greatest Lover!

Just like men, women have more than one or two erogenous zones. Therefore, don’t focus on two areas only but find what else makes your girl moan. Not all women have the same erogenous zones, but the lower belly, back, and feet are always good places to start.


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