4 Fiery Tips for a Better Bedroom Performance!

If you want to have good sex, you should really put in the effort. Okay, not to say that you are not a great lover. You probably are.

if not this is how you Improve Your Bedroom Performance.

Nevertheless, great sex for men is what winning a gold medal almost feels like. But, to get to that triumphant stage of having sex, you can and should always make room for change and improvement.

Yes, experience and practice play their own roles in the entire affair, but even still, there are many other ways to teach yourself to be a better lover. Here are 10 of them.

Improve Bedroom Performance by: Talk about It!

The topic of sex might be popular, but men rarely tend to open up about it to their partners. The truth is, if you want to have better sex, it is time to speak up and open up. Sharing favorite sex fantasies with your partner, or listing your likes and dislikes in the bedroom is a great technique to improve your overall sexual satisfaction.

Even if you are up for something new and unconventional, talking it out with your partner is better than keeping a closed mind. Come on, that’s not what sex is about, and you know it!

Eating Right

I bet food was the last thing you thought you’d find on this list. However, proper nutrition has a huge part of your active and thriving sexual life. Among other benefits, a nutritional diet will also keep your heart healthy, your libido boosted and your sexual performance stronger.

Improve Bedroom Performance by Working Out!

Much like nutrition itself, exercising is also a relevant factor for a mind-blowing sex. By training daily, men increase their testosterone levels, meaning they become sexually riper.

Once that testosterone hits a certain spot, you can take your babe to the bedroom and show her the ins and outs of a superb lover. Plus, exercise helps you stay fit and in shape, and we all know the ladies love a muscle, right?

Abstinence Matters

It might sound odd, but staying clear from having sex can result in a more fruitful sex life later on. One of the reasons to take a break from sex is to allow yourself to actually want it, instead of just ‘having to have it’.

Depending on your partner and your own limitations, you can take a break from sex for a day, a weekend or if you really want instant results, a week!

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