6 Golden Rules for the Best Sexual Health!

Just any other aspect of your health, your sexual wellbeing is also crucial to maintain. Interestingly, what constitutes solid sexual health stretches far beyond wearing condoms and peeing after a hot round.

From the way you keep the optimal personal hygiene to avoiding STDs and STIs, here are 6 essential rules for a healthier sex life!

Best Sexual Health: Avoid Too Much Moisture!

One of the main things to watch out for is crotch moisture. While the area is naturally moist, additional wetness can leave the opportunity for bacteria growth, infections, and skin irritation or rashes. To avoid humidity down below, pat-dry the area after a shower and steer clear of too-tight underwear.

Washing Gets Half the Job Done!

Giving yourself an extra hand when showering can be very beneficial to your sexual health. As it is external, the penis is exposed to a number of infections as well as fungus. In addition, the penis is not a self-cleaning organ, so you have to make sure you get in there with a little TLC.    

Best Sexual Health: Intensity in Bed!

If you like the occasional intensity during sex, you might want to reconsider. Although a sweet pleasure to indulge in, having rougher sex can injure your penis or scrotum and even send you to the hospital. Under pressure, you are also increasing the risks for a possible sprain or fracture, so for health-sake, take it easy for a while.

Using Lubricant!

A great misconception about sex and men is that they need no lubricant during sex. However, it turns out that not men need to use more lubricant during sex (and when alone!) for healthier reasons. Namely, lubricant helps the crotch skin adjust and stretch well, and it provides an easier penetration, too. Again, if you are going in dry, you might end up injured. 

Best Sexual Health: New Condom Each Time!

For the cleanest, healthiest sex ever, use more condoms, and make your marathon sex dreams come true. It goes without saying that condoms protect you from STDs and STIs, so the safer you go into your next tryst, the better.

Don’t Use Performance Boosters!

If you ever considered taking supplements or size boosters before, we are here to advise you to reconsider. In short, the most that sex performance enhancers can give you is a false promise, and don’t get me talking about putting your body through the discomfort. 

Source: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/carolinekee/bad-penis-habits-you-should-ditch-asap

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