Biggest Sex Pet Peeves: Found Yours Yet?

Let’s face it, we all nurture pet peeves, even in bed. Biggest Sex Pet Peeves are not the same for men and women. That said, men hardly ever talk about their pet peeves in the bedroom, mostly not wanting to spoil the party.

But, they do have them! You know, those little annoying things that won’t allow you to enjoy sex all the way? Yeah, those.

Not to put a thought in your head, though, let’s list some of the biggest pet peeves men have during sex.

Biggest Sex Pet Peeves: Take the Bait!

This is a common pet peeve in men who are in relationships. Typically, many men feel that because their partner agreed to sex, they now have to ‘return the favor’. Oh, and here you thought it was all about the pleasure.

Small talk!

Many men find it irritating when their partner begins to wander off with her thoughts during sex. Whether she talks out loud, asks a question or bothers you with something non-related, this ‘motherly’ behavior can be a turnoff.

Biggest Sex Pet Peeves: Poor Hygiene!

Hygiene is highly important for both men. When getting hot and heavy with a woman, poor hygiene can be a true buzzkill, whether we are talking about a bad breath or a messy ‘downstairs’.

Biggest Sex Pet Peeves! Emotional Outbursts!

It is not that emotions are bad, but crying after sex is not familiar to men. Men oftentimes choose to withhold their emotions and can find it confusing if their partner expresses feelings out of nowhere.

Orgasm on Demand

As much as men like to engage into orgasm play, they don’t appreciate being bossed around on when to do it. Simply put, many men cannot work their orgasms on cue, and feel an extra annoyance and pressure if told to ‘get it done already’.

Biggest Sex Pet Peeves: Nicknames!

In all fairness, all ladies like coming up with nicknames. However, when it comes to naming a penis, men tend to find the name suggestions unsuitable. And, of course, giving nicknames to your body parts is not what you’d want to do be doing in the bedroom.


Guys don’t quite understand girls showing no emotions in bed. No moaning or no facial expressions prevent men from knowing whether the woman is enjoying the sex, or not quite.

Biggest Sex Pet Peeves: Baby Talk!

This is a big ‘oh no!’ in bed for men. For whatever reason some women like using baby talk during sex, men simply don’t enjoy it. The same as baby talk, being called ‘Daddy’ is often unacceptable for guys, and can truly spoil the bedroom fun.


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