5 Requirements for a Top-Class Escort!

Before one can become an elite escort companion, there are a variety of criteria to fulfil. The escort world is strictly professional and exuberant with options; and therefore, all escort dates available are handpicked to match an agency’s reputability. Dating an escort is an exclusive experience for a number of clients but only with the right escort. To become a professional companion; many escorts ensure to cover a few different bases that are required by the respective market.

When distinguishing top-notch escorts from the rest, here are the 5 criteria to look at.

Manners and Etiquette

Escorts who want to become leading professionals in the business need to maintain both superb manners and follow the designated escort etiquette. In terms of manners, an escort needs to be kind-hearted, polite, classy, and elegant. A VIP escort will never make her client feel uncomfortable nor will she cross any boundaries the client may have. As for etiquette; the perfect escort has to know how to behave where – classy at a function, comforting when alone, etc. She also needs to know what to say, how to behave, and what to wear for every booked occasion. All in all, without suitable manners and an abided by etiquette, your escort experience won’t be as satisfying.

Education and Brains

Another crucial factor that clients look at when dating escorts is their level of intelligence. As many reputable clients date escorts; they want someone who can match their wit, spark up a conversation without a hassle and stand their ground when communicating. Therefore, all elite escorts are chosen based on their educational background; their natural intelligence, their ability to speak multiple languages, and more.

Charm and Sensitivity

Reputable escorts can be immediately distinguished from the crowd based on their charm and their ability to be compassionate and sensitive towards their clients. First and foremost, an escort needs to know how to swipe her client off his feet. She also needs to be mindful of her words and actions and have consideration of the client’s possible boundaries and needs.

Discretion and Privacy

Along with the rest, discretion and privacy also make a professional escort. The ability of the escort to ensure the client's full anonymity and discretion during their date speaks volumes of her quality as a companion and the high level of her service.

Physical Appeal

As always, physical looks are one of the requirements escorts need to have in order to become more eligible for interested clients. Aside from physical appeal, escorts also need to be healthy, in great shape and mindful of their and their client’s wellbeing.