Seasonal Self-Care: Staying Healthy When Dating an Escort!

With the seasonal flu season coming up, emphasizing your health will only add quality on your dating life. While there is no reason to not see your escort this season; there is the need to ensure you are absolutely protected and healthy during your encounters.

To help keep your health sharp and your escort affairs hotter than ever, these are the top tips to consider.

1. Always Bring Your Sanitizer

Your hands are the number one attractor of germs and bacteria, which is not something you want to bring into your escort date. As things during your date might get up-close and personal; keeping your hand hygiene is simply a must, so ensure you always bring a hand sanitizer to your dates. 

2. Put Yourself in a Good Mood

Scientifically, a positive mood and mindset can drastically boost your immune system. Going out for your escort date is positive news as it is; but maintaining that uplifting vibe will keep you healthier and physically and emotionally stronger.

3. Take Vitamins and a Massage

Vitamins are a great way to prevent any flu symptoms this season, with some of the more essential ones being vitamin A, B, C and D. Along with vitamins, getting a nice and relaxing massage before your escort date will help boost your mood and increase both serotonin and dopamine in your body; which will make you happier about your upcoming date. Don’t fancy a solo massage? Why not make it an experience for two and invite your escort for a nice and soothing couple’s massage?

4. Get Enough Sleep

Less sleep oftentimes means more bad news for your immune system and can make you weaker and more exposed to germs and bacteria. When actively dating, sleeping enough is essential to ensure you are always in top shape to meet your date and; well, keep things clean health-wise.

5. Exercise

Working out regularly is quite important for your overall health, but during flu season, it is almost essential. On one hand, exercising keeps your body active and vital and your mind sharp; and on the other, hitting the gym will also help you strengthen your immune system and improve your sex drive.

6. Keep it Clean

From sex toys and lubes to your bedding and all surfaces in your home, keeping your space clean for your escort date is key to staying healthy. That said, ensure you disinfect your props and toys regularly and as always; keep a bag of spare condoms to stay extra safe.


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