4 Ways to Make Your Casual Hookup Hotter!

The art of casual dating is a complex yet enjoyable one, with more men and women favoring off-the-hook get-togethers. Nowadays; it seems as though one of the most effective ways to date casually and truly stick to it is to book a professional company. However, whether you date an escort or a special friend with benefits; having a casual hookup, and treating your date are not the same thing.

One of the key things to know when you are dating liberally is how to make that short time together extra special. If you haven’t been the most attentive lover to your no-strings-attached date; here are 4 ways you can change that for the better.

Casual Hookup Are Anything but Selfish!

When having casual hookup sex, you might find yourself acting a bit selfish, fulfilling your fantasies and desires only. However, it takes two to tango, which is why you need to cut this harmful habit and give the woman in your bed the attention she deserves. Everything from flirting and seducing her to teasing and pleasing can result in a livelier, happier friend with benefit. And no, you don’t have to fall for your date, but make sure she’s feeling appreciated and wanted. 

A Dash of Novelty!

Dating casually is perfect if you want to experiment and reinvent yourself in the bedroom. What better time to unveil your hidden desires and passions than with someone just as eager to play along? From trying new and sexy tricks in bed, to repurposing sex toys and focusing on intimacy and all-round body pleasure; don’t let your casual hookup date get overwhelmed with routine.

A Little Something Extra with Your Casual Hookup!

Having hot, explosive sex is great, but then, so are manners, respect, and communication. Even in friends-with-benefits scenarios, talking about what you want out of your date is very important. When dating an escort, for instance; being giving in the bedroom and out of it will pay off in the long run, giving you the casual experience you wanted. That said; don’t hesitate to treat your special ‘friend’ with a dinner date, a walk around town, or some good ole’ cuddling.   


Casual dating should be all about being your best, sexiest self with someone likeminded. Because of that, preparation for your casual hookup is a must. Taking a nice, long shower, lighting a few candles, playing sensual music; and dressing up for your date are important details that never go unnoticed.

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