4 Groundbreaking Rules for the Perfect Casual Sex!

Casual sex seems like the ultimate idea to singles worldwide. The idea behind perfect sex is simple. You socialize, connect with someone you like, and then you can take that connection to the bedroom – no strings attached.

But, as much as we want to perceive casual sex as this, many men and women still get it wrong. And by wrong, I am referring to breaking those nonverbal rules which sex brings along.

So, what is the secret behind the ideal sex scenario?

As per experts, there are seven unspoken guidelines of casual sex to give you exactly what you came for, and in a drama-free way.

1. Light and Fun!

Casual sex is a delicate experience, and as such, should always be fun, easygoing and entertaining. Anything other than that makes sex look as almost a burden, even if it’s defined as casual. Not to keep all things revolving around sex, you are free to still make conversation, have fun, and flirt.

However, where it shouldn’t get complicated is with you understanding that this type of a get-together will never turn to anything deeper, so there is no need to make a great fuzz about it.

2. Casual Sex Questions!

Okay, so you agreed upon having casual sex once or twice a week. However, one-time sex and casual sex are not the same thing. Therefore, if you have the same partner, it is valid you should ask some more personal questions, but not earlier than your second rendezvous.

That said, setting boundaries in the relationship should be a mutual decision, so have a sit-down with your casual sex buddy and make a list. What are some of the Yeses? What are some of your No-No’s?

This sort of communication is relevant, especially if you don’t plan for these encounters to get more serious and/or if you see the other person more often.

3. Lingering!

Lingering is a huge problem in casual and sexual relationships. To avoid it, don’t treat your sex partner as your friend, or someone you confide in. Doing that will give another level of intimacy to the relationship and can ultimately hurt your arrangement.

Intimacy is one thing, but personal attachment can be very harmful if only one sex partner wants or initiates it.

4. Casual Sex - No Weirdness!

To make sure you are keeping things smooth and that you are in control of this casual tempo, don’t ever consider casual sex as dating. Naturally, you are welcome to ask your status ahead of time so you avoid confusion.

If you notice yourself or your sex partner behaving anything but casual, it is time you bring all cards out in the open and have an honest conversation.

Source: https://www.gq.com/story/6-unspoken-rules-of-casual-sex

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