5 Dirty Christmas Scenarios to Enrich Your Festivities!

The holiday season is everyone’s favorite. With Christmas already knocking on your door, taking the time to invest in your relationships matters. The holiday itself is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, while also putting your romantic life front and centre and here's how! Dirty Christmas Scenarios!

If you were looking for the perfect occasion to enrich your love life, Christmas makes room for all your naughty ideas to come to life. That being said, allow yourself to spend some much-deserved quality time alongside your partner, and awake the lustful spark all over again!

To give you a direction on just how hot your Christmas can be, here are 5 hot scenarios to guide you!

Dirty Christmas Scenarios: Role-Playing!

Whether you’ve tried it or not, a Christmas role play certainly has passion written all over it! Together with the popular Mrs. Claus and naughty elf costumes, feel free to fulfill all of your other role play fantasies! What about becoming a sexy doctor, tending to a very hot patient? Or being disciplined by your favorite mean teacher? Oh, the possibilities!

A Threesome

A little out of most couples’ comfort zones, a hot threesome will give you one memorable Christmas experience! Instead of figuring out where to find a third party willing to join your hot activities, you can just book a couple escort, thus ensuring your privacy, enjoyment, and thrill.

Dirty Christmas Scenarios: Public!

If your Christmas is rather dynamic and outgoing, take your sexy downtown as well! With so many parties to attend and places to be, finding that hidden spot for a quickie can be quite exhilarating. I mean, is there a bigger turn-on than doing it without getting caught? If your partner is hesitant about out-and-about sex, keep things simpler and just do it against your window.

A Sex Museum

As cheesy as it might sound, a sex museum will turn you on faster than one-two-three. Given that you can visit a sex museum nearby, you’ll find that some places actually have live ‘performances’ for you and your partner to enjoy. Not so much about doing it but getting inspired, a sex museum will have you running for the bedroom.

Dirty Christmas Scenarios: Random Mistletoes!

One of the ways to make the symbols of Christmas work in advantage to your sex life is to play with mistletoes. Namely, place various hidden mistletoes around the house (in the closet, basement, garage, and even car). Whenever your partner finds a hidden mistletoe, she has to fulfill a sexy task, such as stripping down or giving you a juicy blowjob right there on the spot. And, you’re more than advised to reciprocate the favor.

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