Escort Call Date in Time of Self-Isolation: Here are Your Options!

Just because you are homebound and self-isolated, it doesn’t mean that your dating life is over!

As a matter of fact, the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency recently introduced two new services that allow you to book an escort call date even when in quarantine. Namely, you can now book a date with any of our agency’s escorts and enjoy a private and intimate phone or video call!

What’s Your Flavor?

Phone and video call dates do sound a bit retro, but hey, nothing is too retro for a good dater, right? On one hand, phone calls are a superb idea for when you feel like talking, flirting over the phone and getting in touch with your favorite babe. On the other hand, video calls give you a nice visual effect and can be as versatile as you want them to be.

Getting ready to spend a sublime Friday night in the digital world of dating? Here are some ways to help you make the most of your virtual date.

Phone Call Date Ideas

  • Play a game of Would You Rather, and give it a twist by making a sexy list of sexy questions you can ask.
  • Play some nice music while chatting, and sip on your wine as you discuss the art of lovemaking and your favorite dating scenarios.
  • Boost your sound effects. Are you having a sultry talk during your date? Let the moaning begin!
  • Describe. Whatever it is you are doing, and especially if it is something super-sexy, use the power of description to get into every juicy detail.

Video Call Date Ideas

  • You are home, alone, and your date is waiting on the other side of your screen. How can you make your date hotter, you ask? Well, strip, of course! It’s sensual, intimate and personal and it will make your online date worthwhile!
  • Play Simon Says, but make it hot! This game can be your virtual version of a dominating sexy scenario, so get out of your comfort zone and get instructing!
  • Initiate a sexy Pictionary game. Even if you are not good at drawing, you can enjoy a guessing game by asking your escort date to draw her favorite ideas on how to spend a steamy date!

A wonderful service to use in time of self-isolation, you can book your phone or video call date today. All you have to do choose your escort date and give the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency a call!

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