Exploring Fetishes with an Escort: A How-to Guide!

According to research, about 75 percent of people have a certain ex fetish they’d like to explore further. Given the almost ‘forbidden’ nature of fetishes, many oftentimes keep them a secret and never really go for the ‘real’ experience.

However, fetishes make an important part of your sex life, and who better to try them with than your escort date? Understanding, experienced, and willing to go the distance in bed, escort dates are your best chance of playing with your fetishes.

To get you started, here is a simple guide on how to ignite the fetish fun with your escort.   

1. Research is Necessary

Some fetishes are more extreme and intense than others, which is why you will have to do your homework before going for the idea. Whatever fetish you are into, ensure you read plenty of information about it and learn what the experience entails. Precisely, most fetishes need rules and boundaries, so make sure your escort is up for the adventure as much as you are.

2. Ask for Advice

When dating an escort, chances are they will have done many sex fetishes before. Having dated a plethora of clients is what gives escorts the upper hand in fetish knowledge. Therefore, if you are not certain which fetish ‘goes’ during your date, simply ask your escort for suggestions. Some fetishes most escorts do may include BDSM, role-playing, or feet play, so let your escort help you figure out what works best for you.

3. Pay Attention to Your Space

Whenever trying a new fetish with an escort, it is essential you create a safe space and the right mood for the action. No matter what rings your fetish bell, it is key that you always approach the kink without any judgment or shame. After all, fetishes exist to be freely and safely explored and it an all be achieved by arranging the perfect ambient for it. 

4. Explore

Some fetishes sound good in our head but then they fail to impress you in practice. Therefore, it is important you explore all angles of pleasure and figure out just what fetish works in your best interest. With an escort, exploring fetishes is all about mutual trust and mutual pleasure, so keep your mind open for any suggestions your date might have, too.

5. Sex-Shop Together

Whether online or at a designated store, sex shopping with your escort will keep the spark alight and will give you lots of options to consider. From costumes and lubes to toys and different props, you can custom-tailor your experience and purchase the fetish essentials you need together.

Source: https://www.impulse247.co.uk/blog/how-to-explore-fetishes-with-your-escort

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