Great Tips for the Best Sex of Your Life!

5 Great Tips for the Best Sex Life of Your Life

Ah, the unwritten rules of sex! While we may think we know the ins and outs of sex, there are always ways to make the act more comfortable, easy-going and enjoyable for both you and your partner. Thankfully, the debate on sex has allowed us to finally address things which can work well in the bedroom, and those that won’t.

To continue our list, here are 5 more tips on what to do and not to do during sex.

Best Sex of Your Life: Give Clear Directions!

Both men and women work well with clear and precise directions, instead of jumping around the topic. If you like your blowjob a certain way, instruct your partner on how to follow your lead. If she wants something done a particular way, listen to her directions and adjust where needed. That simple.

Control Your Grimaces

Whether we like it or not, our facial expressions sometimes happen without us realizing it. However, even if find something funny in the midst of sex, don’t allow it to become the main star of the night. Making faces at your partner, even without wanting to, can make them feel uncomfortable, and ultimately, you’ll spoil the fun. What we’re saying is, if you’re making faces, let them be of pleasure and hype.

Best Sex of Your Life: Keep It In a Single Door!

Going back and forth with penetration is not recommended at all. What’s more, switching penetration from the front door to the back and vice versa can lead to unwanted infections and a sense of ick. If you really want to explore this fetish, however, always use two different condoms before switching places.

Receive, but also Give

Sometimes, it feels so good to be pleased in bed that we tend to become selfish in the process. However, as your partner is taking the time to please you, it is important you also return the favor. Being on the receiving side can be exhilarating and comfortable, but when it comes to hot sex, it takes two people to make it click.

Don’t Ask Questions…Always

As much as you are thinking about swarming your partner with questions during sex, it is always best to read the unwritten signals. For instance, seeing that your partner is obviously enjoying your moves makes the ‘Is it good?’ question seem redundant. Also, by now, you should be familiar with what a female orgasm feels and looks like, so keep the ‘Did you orgasm?’ thought to yourself.

Of course, on some occasions, a question imposes itself, which makes it alright to ask away.


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