6 Inviting Places to Have Sex, Other Than Your Room!

Is bedroom sex boring you?

Outside the same old sex-in-bed position, there are plenty of nifty locations that can be your ideal sexy spots for when you want 6 Inviting Places to Have Sex Other Than Your Room! That said, finding new alternatives to bedroom sex oftentimes means thinking outside of the box.

From public spots to anywhere in your house but your bed, here are 6 intriguing places where you can get it on.

Have Sex, Other Than Your Room: The Balcony !

Imagine this. It’s a slow afternoon or an even slower evening. The house is quiet and you feel like getting into your sexy mood. The bed seems like familiar territory, but hey, that balcony doesn’t look so bad, does it? Whenever you want to instantly change your sex experience, have a little hot session on your balcony! With the lights turned off and your hushes to a minimum, this secret little spot is as exciting as they get!

Your Car!

There are many sex positions that can work great in your car, so why not give it a go? If you are the shotgun type, you can drop the front seat backwards and let your partner straddle you. If not, you can always count on the backseat for more space and comfort. Cars are great for having sex in the open without being noticed, but if you enjoy the extra thrill, the hood is always a good idea to try!

A Garden Camp Night!

Missing the wild? Set up a camp in your back yard and spend a hot night under the stars and shielded from the world! With a shower always nearby, and all your comforts just a few steps away, this sultry experience will give you the right amount of excitement, privacy, and fun!

Have Sex, Other Than Your Room: A Fitting Room!

Shopping never looked so fun! If you want a proper public sex experience, a fitting room is a superb idea. That said, if you are open to this scenario, make sure you always choose a changing room that is far from surveillance cameras or curious bystanders.

A Classroom!

Although a slightly more challenging task, classrooms make a perfect place for sexing things up. Sneak into your old school and turn an empty classroom into your temple of sexy fun! Before you begin, be sure that no one is around to witness your shenanigans.

Have Sex, Other Than Your Room: An Elevator!

Thank heavens for stop buttons in elevators, right? Unlike modern elevators, old school-elevators are one a more suitable sexy hiding spots, as they are often unmonitored and roomy enough for you to fool around.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/g2669/best-places-for-public-sex/?slide=5

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