Hottest Sex Positions for Taller Women and Shorter Men!

Don’t let your physical shortcomings get in the way of your hot dating life! If your woman is a tad taller than you, certain positions in bed will help you find your rhythm, dynamics, and pleasure. To make the best of your experience, here are the hottest sex positions to try if you are shorter than your date.

1. Table Top!

In this position, you will get just the height and arousal you need. To get into position, have your woman lie down on a flat table, while you position yourself between her legs. Make sure you choose a table that is as high as you need it, and you can also try using a chair or a beanbag, too.

2. Hottest Sex Positions: Spooning!

If your partner enjoys cuddling while making love, spooning is a great position for it. Taking the role of ‘big spoon’ will take away any discomfort that comes with your height difference. Plus, you will be able to focus on both penetration and manual stimulation, thus putting yours and your woman’s sexual enjoyment first.

3. Reverse Cowgirl!

If you want not to worry about the height difference between you and your date, try the reverse cowgirl position. This way, your partner will be able to adjust herself in a position that feels right, while also leaving you plenty of room to move and touch.

4. Hottest Sex Positions: Lotus!

The Lotus position is not just great when you are shorter than your date, but also when you want extra intimacy. The position requires you to stay seated on the bed, while your partner sits in your lap, facing you and controlling the rhythm and motion.  

5. Flat on Top!

If doggy style is a struggle for you due to your height difference, you can try the flat-on-top position. In it, your partner lies on her stomach fat on the bed, while you come from the back and lie on top of her. Another version of the position is to remain kneeled behind your partner or squat over her for easier access.

6. Hottest Sex Positions: Corkscrew!

Although it is an unusual name, the Corkscrew is a much-appreciated position among men shorter than their partners. In the position, your partner lies on her side, whether on a bed or a long-enough table. In the meantime, you are standing behind her and position yourself for some action.

7. The Side Dip

To do the side dip, have your woman lie on her back, with the lower half of her body twisted to the side. Just like in scissoring, you come in-between her legs, while supporting your frame on your arms and initiating a deep-enough penetration.

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