How to Tell If She’s Had an Orgasm?

Ah, the question every man wants answered. Sex-wise, women, and orgasms seem to be a very tricky concept for men. Mostly, this is due to the fact that women oftentimes choose to fake orgasms rather than speaking up. .

No-orgasm sex is not the most devastating thing that could happen, but for men, having their woman well satisfied is a serious boost of confidence. The lack of orgasms in women can be a cause of various factors, which may or may not revolve around your bedroom moves. Regardless, there are several ways to tell whether your partner has orgasmed under your touch, all listed below.

Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?

The reasons women tend to fake orgasms can be a result of various factors, including:

  • To boost your ego
  • To avoid having to explain why she wasn’t able to orgasm
  • An emotional hurdle that prevents them from finding their erotic peak
  • To cut the sex short

However, a woman and her orgasm can be a question of age. Namely, the older women get the more comfortable they are in their own skin. With sexual ripeness, women gain a sense of liberation and can teach you how to make them orgasm, instead of dropping the idea altogether.

How Can You Tell If She’s Had an Orgasm?

Orgasms in women are similar to those in men. However, know that while the ‘symptoms’ of orgasm are alike, women manifest them differently. While some women will be louder, others will keep quiet, overtaken by the sensation.

In most cases, an orgasming woman will have an increased heart rate and accelerated breathing. Another indication of an orgasm is the involuntary contraction of muscles in her limbs and pelvis. If you are in midst of penetration, you can expect a tighter grip on your penis, followed by jerky movements and increased vaginal wetness.

To guarantee your partner an orgasm, there are several tips you can practice. These including having her on top of you, whether dry humping or actually riding. Another great position to try is doggy style, or spooning, with her back against you. This way, you have full access to her clit and breasts and can stimulate the area with ease.

To push things a bit further, place a small ball between your pelvis and against her clitoris. Use the roll and penetrate movement as stimulation, and embrace the orgasm flushing across her face.


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