5 Triggers That Lead to a Lower Sexual Drive

The quality of our sexual drive is directly dependent on the ways we take care of our overall wellbeing. As much we’d like for our Lower Sexual Drive to boost on its own, sometimes, factors such as nutrition and exercise can really impact erotic arousal. 

A healthy sex drive is great to obtain, but on occasions, we all feel something is just not clicking right in the bedroom.

So, what can it be?

Here are 5 factors that can impact your or your partner’s Lower Sexual Drive.

Lack of Sleep

It’s is a well-known fact that proper sleeping patterns mean a lot for your emotional, physical and mental health. And just like that, proper sleep also contributes to having greater sexual health. Sleeping for 7-8 hours a night is sufficient, but together with length, also make sure the quality of sleep you’re getting is on point.


A silent mood booster, stress can negatively affect your sexual excitement. Namely, if you have a stressful job or feel overall anxiety daily, it can negatively reflect on your sexual drive. When under stress, our bodies perform in a so-called survival mode, leaving no room for sexual desire, physical or emotional. To men, the issue, recognize your greatest daily stressors and work on eradicating them in time.


For women, periods and sex drive can be really tricky. Due to ever-changing hormones during a menstrual cycle, many women feel moody and irritated, with their sexual drive decreasing largely. At the same time, as much as a period can spoil a woman’s sex drive, it can also encourage it. These occurrences mostly happen during ovulation, so we advise you to make the most of the situation.


Not just contraceptive meds, prescription drugs, too, can impact your sex drive. In the first case, contraceptives have the job of reducing the testosterone levels in a woman’s body, which means less sexual arousal in return. Other meds that can also interfere with your sex drive include antidepressants and beta-blockers.


Food and water go hand in hand when it comes to obtaining the perfect health. At the same time, food and water also contribute to having a greater sexual drive. However, we oftentimes don’t take food to be that important part of our sexual lives, and it comes with a cost.

If you want to avoid losing your sexual drive, avoid consuming processed foods, salty foods, and fried foods. Instead, focus on consuming fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, fish and seeds, and as always, keep that body and mind hydrated.

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