These 12 Facts about the Male Orgasm That Will Blow Your Mind!

An orgasm is an orgasm, right? Well, not exactly.

The female orgasms might count as the stronger, but the male orgasms are more than just erection and ejaculation. The male orgasm is an intriguing field of research, providing many interesting facts in return.

Read on to learn more about how why the male orgasm is more impressive than you thought.  

Male Orgasm: Semen Codes!

Back in WWI, the British MI6 used semen as invisible ink, which made the codes hard to detect or spot in the first place.


As personal as it sounds, self-pollution means masturbating in astronauts lingo.

Masturbation, who?

Masturbation doesn’t always have a name in all cultures. Namely, some tribes in Congo don’t have a word for self-pleasuring and the reason in more impressive- they don’t do it at all.

Male Orgasm: Time for a Quickie!

Statistics notes the male orgasm has a duration between 5-22 seconds.

Plus Size!

Interestingly, half of a man’s penis is located inside the body, which is great for some confidence boost. The orgasm begins at the pubic bone, which is also great for using male sex toys and stimulating the prostate.

Bouncing Back!

Retrograde ejaculation is the opposite of standard ejaculation, where the semen shoots back to the bladder. Typically, it happens in the case of prostate surgery, diabetes symptoms or in multiple sclerosis patients.

Pleasure First!

Aside from humans, other species who practice sex for pleasure include dolphins and bonobos. The two species are also fans of oral sex.

Male Orgasm: Remedying Masturbation!

To prevent masturbation and encourage celibacy, Dr. Kellogg invented the Kellogg’s cornflakes. In his opinion, rich foods boosted sexual arousal whereas plan foods diminished it.

Calorie Count!

Unfortunately, orgasms only burn around three calories, but at the same time, half-an-hour of raunchy sex can burn up to 63 calories.

A Tent Problem!

Back in the day, scouts were advised not to masturbate, as it was believed orgasms drove boys mad. Things went as far as encouraging boys to take cold showers whenever the urge arose.

Wrong Timing!

Unlike popular opinion, male ejaculation and orgasm can happen separately. That said, it is very probable for a man to experience an orgasm without ejaculating at least once.

Male Orgasm: I Had a Dream…

Among the most common wet dreams among men are ejaculating on your partner, having sex with a stranger, and a two-babe threesome.


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