5 Key Rules for a Mind-blowing Hotel Escort Date

Private outcalls are likely the number one advantage to meeting a professional escort. As a top service, you can outcall your preferred escort lady to your home or a hotel room in town. Whether you are together for two hours or the whole night, a private outcall is the best way to have a super-fun and definitely intimate date.

If you decide to go with the hotel route, you will find that hotels make an ideal place to meet an escort date. With great discretion and sublime five-start perks, here is how to spend the best escort date at your favourite hotel!

1. Drinks First

When in doubt, ask your escort to initially step out together for a couple of drinks. If you are not a fan of the downtown option, you can always visit the hotel bar, which is one of the many benefits of your arrangement. Having a quiet conversation over a cocktail or beer will give you and your escort enough time to get to know each other well. You can be sure that escorts always know how to put on the ‘entertainment’ hat, and once you’re done conversing, you can move things to your room.

2. Order In

If you are not planning on getting drinks before your private get-together, the next great thing you can do is order in. Just like a dinner date, but more personal, dining and wining for two always sounds like a great plan.

3. Anywhere but the Bed

If you have booked a private outcall and an overnight stay with your escort, take your time before hitting the bed. Should you feel naughty at any time, take your flirting and teasing around your room. For instance, you can always go out to the terrace and enjoy the nice view. Also, consider showering together before or at the end of your date. These little things certainly hyphen the sensual vibe and allow for anticipation to grow on.

4. Let’s Hear It!

Being at a hotel room with a hot escort date is much better than dating at your home, and for a simple reason- in hotel rooms, you can be as loud as your heart desires. In bed, your voice makes a very potent stimulant of sensual excitement, and you can make the most of it by letting your moans and whispers grow more intense. If you are staying at a refined hotel, as you should be when dating a high-class escort, you can expect thicker apartment walls and a higher discretion, too.

5. Don’t Forget the Sign

And, we are referring to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sing. Once and if you order room service, hang your sign outside your door. This way, you will enjoy maximum privacy with your escort date and free yourself of distractions. If you want an ever bigger privacy and freedom, turn off your phone and laptop and, when spending the night, always call in for a late checkout. 

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