How to Make the Most of Your Online Escort Date?

Dating an escort online might not be the ideal scenario, but when done right, it can be a beyond pleasurable experience. Online escort dates have just recently become popular due to the recent self-isolation period; and let me tell you, men seem to love their babes in front of the camera and taking charge!

If you are planning to book a virtual escort date while in quarantine, here are a few tips that will make your date run smooth and seamless!

Orchestrate Your Date outside the Box!

Now that you are isolated, ask yourself this. When it comes to sex, what would I want to try that I haven’t tried yet? Thinking of new ways to boost your sexual arousal is not only about being innovative but also about pleasuring yourself and your date even from a distance. Some of the new things you can try for your date is doing it in a new room; bringing out toys you haven’t used for a while or answering hot questions asked by your date. Sexuality doesn’t just go away because you don’t have the physical intimacy; so put yourself into a creative mindset and get sexy like never before!  

Online Escort Date: Take a Sex Improvement Class!

There could be nothing wrong with your romantic or sex life, and yet; a sex class can still offer you something new and fun to learn and try in bed. There are many couple sex classes you can try online, and if your date is up for it; take one to further boost your satisfaction and arousal. Usually, in these classes; you get to learn how you and your date click sexually through doing a number of sex exercises and newfound techniques that work!

A Change of Setting and Atmosphere!

Sexting or just being in front of the camera is not a permanent mood you are in; so don’t panic if you feel the need to stop and reset. What you did in your earlier online escort dates might not work now; and you might not be open to doing all sexy things offered. Therefore, instead of pressuring yourself to enjoy whatever, think about what you actually want from your date and tell them. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see your date taking the sexy route tonight- perhaps the only thing you need today is comfort and company. And that’s more than okay.


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