Phone Call Escort Dating: Do It Like a Pro with These 6 Tips!

Are you planning your next phone call date with a hot escort?

We have just the tips to make it a superb, private, and pleasurable experience from start to finish! Phone call dates might see ‘so last year’ but they actually make a great way to connect with your escort when travelling. Much like other kinds of escort dates, phone calls also enable you to wine, dine, talk, and get sexy with your chosen escort.

That said, here are 12 pro phone call tips to turn your virtual escort date into a full-on party!

1. Relax!

Your phone call date should be no different than your regular, interaction-based escort bookings, so don’t stress it over too much. Feel free to relax your body and mind before your date and have a nice warm shower, meditate or work out to get that extra flow of energy. Remember, it is all for good fun and great pleasure.

2. Ask and Tell

Asking questions during your phone call escort date will help you get into the swing of things easily. If unsure of what to do, let your escort control the pace of your date for a while. For your escort to be able to fulfil your date needs, you will also have to report back on things you like, dislike as well as all those sexy things that just melt your heart.

3. Own a Sense of Humour

Phone dating, and especially phone sex can oftentimes be unpredictable. Now, instead of overworking your mind with what went wrong, try having a sense of humour and laugh together at your small on-line misfortunes. Did you both start talking at the same time? Have you dropped your phone in midst of the action? A good laugh helps overcome these little mishaps!

5. Touch Yourself

And be committed to it. Phone sex mainly revolves around the art of masturbation, so invite your escort to a game of mutual pleasuring and boding. In doing so, don’t be shy about using your favourite sex toys and loads of lube, and simply aim for that double orgasm!

6. Vocabulary Rules!

Before your sexy phone call commences, discuss the level of naughty language you will use with your escort. While there are tons of sex-driven vocabulary to consider, sometimes, certain wordings just rub off the wrong way. To avoid that, discuss the language you will use to communicate and turn each other on with.


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