Building Physical Intimacy in 5 Steps!

Far from having sex, there is the need to build and create a strong physical intimacy with the person in your bed. May it be an escort or your devoted partner; intimacy in the bedroom is a great kick-starter to a promising night of fun.

However, many men don’t find it easy to create that physical bond; which is why we are offering 6 tips on how to become more intimately connected.

Physical Intimacy: Cuddling!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, cuddling after sex can be great for building intimacy. Women love to cuddle, even if just for a bit, so make this practice regular whenever you are in bed. Cuddling is also great without sex in the picture, too, so cozy up to your partner from time to time and take in the scent of their skin. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Tantric Meditation!

You don’t have to be an expert in tantric sex to make use of tantric mediation. Tantric mediation relaxes the body in stimulating ways that increase your libido and urge you to explore sexuality. When done in a couple; tantric mediation or even a tantric massage can help you learn more about what your partner loves. The result? A steamy night of rolling between the sheets would be our guess.

Physical Intimacy: Speak Up!

If you want to try something new in bed, just tell the other half about it. The beauty of intimacy and sex is that you get to explore and learn new angles of pleasure; and why shouldn’t you? But, just like experimenting; talking about what turns you on should also be a regular practice when in bed with someone. In fact, the more you share the hotter your sex life and bond will be.

A Sexual Query!

One of the ways to boost sexual connection is to do a sexual query on yourself and the person you share your bed with. Sexual quizzes are great for exchanging opinions and seeing where you stand in terms of compatibility, and are pretty fun to do as well! Finding intimacy and closeness in sex begins with uncovering what your partner likes sexually, and the road there can be a damn hot ride!

Physical Intimacy: Body Worshiping!

Much like tantric pleasure, giving attention to your partner’s entire body can be deliriously intimate and personal. Sensual touch can sometimes be sexier than the sexual one; and it’s all about taking your time and seeing your partner melt before your eyes. Hey, she can do that for you, too!


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