5 Raunchy Tips to Reignite the Fire in Your Sex Life!

What are the things that make sex great and desirable? Together with chemistry, the perfect mood and opening yourself to new scenarios, having great sex is also about constantly working on improving it.

If your love life has become a little stale as of late, Reignite the Fire in Your Sex Life with these 5 hot tips!

Solo Action-Shared Action!

Mixing masturbation and actual sex is an exhilarating and new experience that will give you the best of both worlds. With masturbation, you get to have your pleasure in all the ways you like it. What’s best is that you don’t have to orgasm just yet, but can play around with your partner and blend the two thrills into one, spectacular one!

Reignite the Fire in Your Sex Life: Let’s Do It Now!

For those in longer relationships and those interested in moving things up a bit, the let’s-do-it-now challenge is a great idea! The rules are simple- both partners get a single-sex pass a month, asking for it anywhere and anytime. Of course, privacy and discretion are more than welcome even if you are in public, but the ‘Hey, let’s do it now!’ concept is inviting regardless.

The No-Talking Sex!

When you are not in the mood for chit-chat during sex, play the no-talking game. What no talking means is exactly that- no dirty talk, no questions, no answers…just no talking of any kind. What this little trick does is that it lets you connect on a physical and emotional level, building intimacy and focusing on other hot stuff that doesn’t involve discussion. Like eye-contact, for example.

Reignite the Fire in Your Sex Life: Marathon!

Can you remember the last time you had marathon sex or at least consecutive orgasms? If it’s been a while, it’s time to pull a sexy all-nighter! In it, you can stimulate your partner and aim for multiple orgasms or keep the sex slow, sensual and ongoing. A little edge play is also welcome and will help you last longer and chase after your orgasm.

Side Comment!

Dirty talking is a popular way to awaken the sexy in your partner and yourself. However, instead of doing it in bed, we highly recommend you try it in public. Act as if you were telling your partner any other story, but make the narrative for her ears only and hot as hell! Better yet, you can catch your partner completely off guard and send her a spicy text while she’s talking to her friends.

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