Seduce Your Woman Faster!

The game of seduction might be a lengthy one, but it is surely worth it! Seduction works greatly with the ladies and the more you create the ambient, the better sex life you’ll have. The art of seduction is made of countless little things, but it is no hardship to learn and apply them on your next date!

Need some help in getting into the role of a top-notch seducer? Here are 4 hot tricks to seduce your woman faster!

Tell Her How You Feel!

Without being overly emotional, or unemotional for that matter, share how you feel with your partner. If she tastes good, let her know. If her hair smells great, praise her for it. And yes, if she gets you to feel all the feels, don’t hesitate to be upfront about it. Women cannot tell if you are really enjoying yourself every time, which is why a vocal reminder helps!

Seduce Your Woman Faster: Tease in Public!

If you want a booming sex life, never, under any circumstances stop flirting or teasing your partner! A significant part of seduction, teasing your partner (and especially in public) can give her the hots for you in an instant. A discreet wink from the back of the pub, a gentle caress down her thigh, or any other subtle gesture always do you justice.

Clothes? Optional.

Women love seen their man naked, so it costs nothing to walk around the house topless from time to time. When stepping out the shower, and your towel around your waist, let your partner see you dress up for her one piece of clothing at a time. The science behind lust and the naked body is clear and obvious, and women fall for it every time. Not in the shape of your life? Get to the gym, you need it!

Seduce Your Woman Faster: Pick out Her Outfit

Whether you are planning a date or staying at home, women want to know which clothes make them seem the sexiest in your eyes. A dress, formfitting leggings, shorts, or else, raid your partner’s closet to get closer in bed. Of course, you don’t want to seem bossy and overdo it, so instead of clothes, you can preselect the lingerie your partner should wear for the evening. Better yet, why not treat her with a lingerie set as a gift? You get bonus points if you leave a naughty little note with it.


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