7 Biggest Sex Pet Peeves Women Have!

There is no such thing as having the perfect sex. You could be a casual dater or someone in a committed relationship and still, there will be times when sex just doesn’t click. And as much as you think you or your partner are easygoing when it comes to sex, sometimes, things just don’t click.

So, let’s talk about sex pet peeves. Oftentimes, men are not as detail-oriented as women, so they’ll think the sex is fine, no questions asked. However, nothing escapes the curious eye of a woman, and that goes for sex pet peeves as well. Instead of worrying about what you’re doing wrong, however, you can simply ask your partner about her pet peeves in bed…and out of it, while you’re at it.

But, if you wish to refrain from asking any questions at all, below we list 7 of the most common sex pet peeves most women have.

Sex Pet Peeves: The Head Push!

Many women hate having their heads pushed down into your ‘business’. Instead of rushing things, give kissing a time of day, and steer clear of navigating her movements.

No Boob Play!

Many women find it irritating if their partner doesn’t know how to stimulate their breasts. There are many ways to play with the cleavage area, so instead of skipping it altogether, go on- learn a thing or two about it.

The Orgasm Worry!

When a woman doesn’t orgasm, she’d hate for you to rub it in her face, or your own face for that matter. So, rather than thinking of yourself as a poor lover, trust your partner when she says the sex was great, even without the orgasm. 

Sex Pet Peeves: The Talk!

Not every woman is down to talk dirty, just because you are. Of course, you can throw in a few words here and there, but if you notice she’s not reciprocating, let the dirty chat go and let physics do the talking.


It’s okay to invite your partner to come out and play dirty, but swinging your penis in her face is not the way to do it. To most women, this exposing gesture is totally uncalled for and kind of teenage-y.

Sex Pet Peeves: The Machine Management!

Most women don’t appreciate when all you do is commanding her around, only thinking of your own pleasure. It’s not only rude to go into a drill sergeant mode, but it also looks like playing with a sex toy. A huge no-no.

Morning Breath!

Last but not least, loving morning sex is one thing, but smelly morning breaths are not the most appealing. So, be a decent bloke, brush your teeth first.

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