Things to Know Before Having Sex in Water!

Water sex seems a desirable scenario for many, but in fact, it is far from ideal. Sure, getting it on at a swimming pool or on a private beach looks like fun, but the truth is, water can be a bit risky. And while it is something you should cross off your sexy bucket-list, here are 5 reasons why to skip water sex.

Water Sex vs. Dirt

And we do not mean the good kind of dirty. Waters, any body of water actually, is home to possible germs, bacteria, and infections. In a swimming pool, these risks are even higher, but the same goes for the ocean, river, etc. Bacteria found in water can lead to a number of infections; and even change the body’s natural pH balance, so you better stay safe than be sorry.


Even though it logically shouldn’t be so, having sex in water bodies can reduce natural lubrication in women. Ideally, water would enhance self-lubrication during the deed; but this is, water doesn’t naturally enter the body, but when it does during sex, it will wash off all good lubrication there. Plus, if you have sex in unclear waters, there is always the chance to come back with a bacteria or a yeast infection. 

Water Sex: Condoms!

Unlike lubrication, condoms actually work well in the water, and it is good to use one whenever possible. However, using a condom while underwater might cause it to slip without you noticing. Also, cold water might numb your experience a little, which again, is tricky when wearing rubber protection.


As much as we want to believe otherwise, sex in the water can definitely lead to pregnancy. If you are not careful or using adequate protection, refrain from going for the pull-out method, as you might leave an unpleasant ‘something’ in the water. Also; don’t ever orgasm in the water, as some of it can get inside the vagina and again, lead to an unexpected pregnancy.

Water Sex vs. STIs

Water is like a magnet for STIs, especially if you go all the way while in it. Experts say, that unless you use a proper lubricant; there’s the chance for you to develop micro-abrasions and get an STI or spread one. This is especially true of public swimming pools and public bodies of water, like the beach.

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