10 Sexual Red Flags to Avoid in a Relationship (vol.2)

No great relationship can work without finding common understanding, whether out of the bedroom or in it. In terms of the latter, maintaining a healthy and happy sex life can be challenging. Sometimes, relationships tend to get in the way of great sex, and for various reasons.

Nevertheless, recognizing the things that don’t make a great sexual relationship is important. To save yourself from an emotional heartbreak and a somewhat dull and unwanted sexual life, we offer a list of 5 more red flags you should be wary of in bed.

You Don’t Want to Kiss Your Partner!

Kissing is a highly relevant aspect of any intimate relationship. However, if you cannot fathom the idea of kissing your partner or vice versa, then it might be time to reconsider staying in this relationship. The loss of interest in kissing is an indication that while you consider your sex life great, something’s just right. And that right there should tell you just how much you need a change of pace.

Sexual Red Flags: You Have to Pretend!

While there is nothing wrong with playing out your fantasies in bed, mentally replacing your partner with someone else during sex can be problematic. For one, you are basically thinking of the whole world instead of your partner. Second of all, you are clearly not enjoying your time spent with them between the sheets. And thirdly, do you really want to risk blurting out someone else’s name in bed and having to explain yourself? I don’t think so.

Your Partner Is Not Responsive!

Having a partner who isn’t as excited about your sexual adventures as you are can turn into a major relationship issue. This especially goes if your partner doesn’t reciprocate your enjoyment, or they simply refuse to put in the effort. Sure, you can discuss the problem and try fixing it, but chances are, if the spark is lost, so is your chance of restoring your sexual and emotional relationship.

You Cannot Find a Common Ground!

If your partner doesn’t share your preferences during sex, or vice versa, this can be very threatening to the quality of your sexual relationship. One of the reasons sex works between two people s mostly because they have great chemistry and similar likes and dislikes. When this doesn’t seem to be the case, you are left with two options- to put up with things for the sake of it (which is kind of sad), or to figure out the type of partner you actually want to have- in bed and out of it.

Sexual Red Flags: Partial Niceness!

If you happen to notice that your partner is only nice to you when she wants sex, or right after you have it, perhaps it is time to reconsider the relationship. Being loving to one other is important during sex, yes, but so is practicing this rule outside the sexual relationship. It goes for all relationships- no one wants to be used for sexual excitement alone.

Source: https://www.self.com/story/15-sexual-red-flags-you-should-always-avoid

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