10 Sexual Red Flags to Avoid in a Relationship (vol.1)

Not all relationships are perfect, but when it comes to great sex, something’s got to give. Sometimes, great chemistry doesn’t lead to great lovemaking. Why? Well, relationships and sex can be complicated for a number of reasons, and one doesn’t really go without the other.

So, are there any Sexual Red Flags to keep your eyes open for?

To answer in short, yes there are. Let’s break down the top 10 indications that something might be off in your sexual relationship.


Sexual Red Flags: Fantasy Shaming!

This is just one of those things that great sex life can do without. Criticizing each other’s sexual fantasies is one of the biggest mistakes people make when in bed. Typically, this practice is considered unhealthy and limiting, so if your partner likes to nitpick your dirty little fantasies- he or she might not be the perfect bedroom pairing for you.

No Orgasm Reciprocation

If your partner is unbothered about giving you an orgasm, consider this a fair warning. Being given an orgasm is great, and we all know it, but when one person thinks of their own orgasm alone, they are just too selfish to keep around. Trust me, when you find the right match, orgasms will be pouring all over the place. 

Sexual Red Flags: Awkward Comments!

Body shaming or nasty comments on your looks is never a turn-on. What is more, you are missing out on your chance to have mind-blowing sex in the name of being emotionally bullied. Whether it is cellulite, stretch marks or a bigger belly, the right person won’t mind any, and so don’t settle for mediocre lovemaking when you can have the real deal.

Feedback Anger!

If your partner is refusing to hear your feedback on how to improve things in your sex life, maybe it is time to move on to another partner. Sex is all about evolving and changing, so having a partner who’s opposing your ideas can be hurtful, especially if you were coming for a good place. What you should be looking for next, however, is a partner who’ll want to grow sexually and won’t mind sharing ideas on how to make it all better.

Pressure to Perform

To have your partner ask you to experiment in bed more is one thing, but being forced to do stuff to make them happy is a wrong way to treat sex. If you are not okay with something proposed, speak up, but if your partner still continues to force you the idea, maybe it is time you find someone who actually shares your sexual preferences.

Source: https://www.self.com/story/15-sexual-red-flags-you-should-always-avoid

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