A Sexy Bucket List: 16 Things to Do At Least Once! (vol.1)

If you have never had the chance for a sexy extravaganza, this is your time to do it! Sex can be so fun when you have the curiosity to explore more than what is set on the table. Taking sexy risks can sometimes pay off, especially if you enjoy pushing the boundaries and having a blast in the meantime!

And just like you have a Sexy Bucket List for everything else, why not make one for the sake of outstanding sex?

Here are 16 sexual scenarios to experiment with at least once in your life.

Kiss Someone of the Same Sex!

Whether a man or a woman, you can certainly enjoy this kink in secret and see what it feels like to get on the other side of pleasure.

Sexy Bucket List: Toys!

This goes especially for the men, if you have never owned a sex toy for your own pleasure, you’re in for a treat! Whether a vibrator, a butt plug or a flashlight masturbator, the choices are there and they’re all yummy!

A Threesome!

If your partner is just as wild in the bedroom as you, a threesome can be a hot experience for the two. If you decide to give yourself the entire pleasure of this adventure, a two-girl escort fantasy is your thing.

Sexy Bucket List: A Random Kiss!

Not the most sexual of gestures, kissing a random stranger out of the blue can be so, so erotic and thrilling. The only thing you need to do is be alone, walk up to a pretty, strange face and use your lips wisely.

Use Objects for Sex Toys!

When your vibrator doesn’t do it for you and your partner anymore, experiment with using random objects in your home. From small bottles to teasing objects like pearl necklaces, the idea is to get as creative as you can.

Sexy Bucket List: Public Sex!

Public sex allows you to be inspired by plenty of hidden locations, such as dark alleys, parking lots, bathrooms, and someone else’s bedroom. Given your will to experiment, you can make this experience more low-key or more on the intense side.

Watch Public Sex!

Sex galleries oftentimes exhibit real people having real-life sex, which is quite the thrill to take a chance on. Real, raw and in front of curious eyes, watching people getting it on publicly is a serious turn-on.

Married Sex?

This could be one of the riskier circumstances to have sex in, but then, it would be a shame to miss out on it. Having sex with someone married has to come with boundaries so if you really want it to be just a heat-of-the-moment thing, make it a one-night stand.

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