A Sexy Bucket List: 16 Things to Do At Least Once! (vol.2)

Give your sexy bucket list a whole new makeover and get ready to include some of the sexiest, dirtiest scenarios in it! As one of the most effective ways to fulfill all your erotic fantasies and hidden desires, a sex bucket list is not about sticking to the ordinary.

Steamy, fun, and risky at times, here are 8 more sexy scenarios to put down in writing and make happen!

The mile-high club!

One way to make a dull flight more interesting is to get it on in a plane. Secretive, on the edge, and sassy as hell, an airplane hook-up will pack your sex life with exhilaration in all the right ways.

Sex with a stranger!

Instead of forever wondering what would sex feel like with someone you don’t know, go for this naughty little scenario and live a little. Sex with a stranger can be a pretty raw and welcoming experience, as long as you keep your boundaries in place. The best way to stay safe is to choose a ‘common meeting ground’, and for an additional twist, stick to no-name basis.

Sexy Bucket List: Water sex!

Nothing is easier than pulling off a hot sex session in open waters. Whether on the beach, on a boat or even on a jet-ski (yeah, it’s doable!), get ready to be taken away by the waves without being made.

Just for the sake of it!

Random sex in a random place at a random time is just the best. To pull it off it’s always best to discuss it upfront with your partner. But, once all boundaries and rules are in place, sending a secret ‘go’ signal will make sure you ignite all shades of passion!

Read an erotic book!

There’s a reason why women go wild for saucy and raunchy erotic books, and it’s because they work. If you never had the chance to dig into dirty content before, you’d be surprised how much you’ll love it. Plus, you’ll get the chance to dig deeper into a woman’s secret urges.  

Sexy Bucket List: Dirty games!

Turn a boring weeknight into your temple of erotic pleasure and indulge in playing a sexy game. From dirty Monopoly to strip poker and specifically designed hot games for couples, the choices are abundant and your pleasure guaranteed.

Multiple orgasms…on your own!

Before you get to all of the above, it is important you learn more about your body and self-pleasure. Giving yourself multiple orgasms on one take is tempting, secretly indulging and oh-so-good for the body and mind.

Sexy Bucket List: Sex with a foreigner!

Make the most of your travel destinations and go out for some fun! Scan the crowd for someone likeminded, keep your personal information to a minimum and let the language of lust take over.

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