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Stale sex life is not the most wanted scenario is any relationship. Routine and sex don’t agree with one another, which is why you always have to be ahead of your sex game. Creativity in the bedroom is a great exploration of all angles of pleasure, and it always comes with a great reward, too.

If you want to give your sex life a little escalation, here are 4 of the 8 sauciest tricks to up your sex game!

An Object of Satisfaction!

Aside from vibrators, dildos, and plugs, other objects can boost your sexual thrill. Using an object as simple as a pen in a sexual way sounds almost forbidden and definitely kinky, but that’s why you love it, right? There are plenty of erogenous zones on the body, and if you want to explore them right, try using a feather; or a clothespin, or a spoon- just for fun and pleasure!

Up Your Sex Game: A Rim Job!

One way to improve your sex performance is to think outside the box. Rim jobs are not the most aesthetically satisfying experience if you know what I mean, but then; they can be quite pleasurable when done under the right circumstances. The anus is a pretty delicate and responsive part of the body that loves sexual stimulation; so don’t be afraid to use your fingers, tongue, lips and else. That said, when doing or receiving a rim job, hygiene and good manners come first, so get to it.

The Sub and the Dom!

While most men and women love playing submissive-dominant games, they usually feel more comfortable with one role only. However, sex can be pretty fun and exciting when you are on the other side of things, too. For instance, if you had been the more dominant partner; try being the submissive one and let your other half take control. Vice versa, if you are the more submissive participant, get dominating for a change. Come on, that’s hot.

Up Your Sex Game: All Day Long!

Teasing is a very successful tool that helps you create sexual chemistry, bond, and delay your pleasure to the point of craving it. Teasing can mean a lot of things; from manual stimulation to nipple play or other forms of foreplay, but it can also mean short-term intercourse. Make it all even more fun and instead of just on the spot, prolong your erotic teasing throughout the day. Even if you don’t end the night in bed, hey, you had sex all day long for two minutes straight.

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/14-incredible-sex-tips

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