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There is no reason to let your sex life suffer at the hands of boredom, routine, and dullness. Sex is meant to be a thrilling, erotic and pleasurable experience, so why do we let it fall into rust? Even in long relationships; sex should always be an experience you are looking forward to, and if it’s not, you are doing something wrong.

Luckily, sex is also innovative, which means you can zest it up in many different ways. Are you ready to become the lover of your partner’s life? Here are 4 more innovative sex tricks to try tonight and Up Your Sex Game!

Up Your Sex Game: A Clip!

If you are in a committed relationship, you can always boost your sex life by making a sex video together. The thing about private sex videos is that they feel personal and intimate, and you see yourself in a completely different light. In many cases, making a sex video can also help you improve your self-confidence and will give you a big ego boost, too! Still, we don’t recommend you hold on to your sex tape (ever!), so make it, watch it together and delete it forever.

A Surprise Oral!

When it comes to oral sex, women enjoy it just as much as men, if not more. However, what they lack in it is the man’s initiative to keep oral sex fun, unpredictable and intense. Therefore, instead of your go-to oral sex scenario, why not surprise your partner with an out-of-the-blue trip ‘down below’? Could it be in the shower? Why not? Can you do it in the car? As long as you are parked in a private place, sure! The possibilities await.

Up Your Sex Game: Sleep Tease!

It is a fact that we all have wet dreams, so why not make them extra special and enhance them by some real-life stimulation? If your partner is up for it, you can wake her up with a special oral or fingering session or just massage her erogenous zones while she’s asleep. She can do the same for you, too; but make sure you are clear on the boundaries before you do anything.

Phone Tease!

Phone sex is one thing, but actually teasing your partner while she is on the phone with someone is another level of risky sex play. Phones are a very safe alternative to public sex; and you can actually do anything you like as long as you can behave and keep yourselves collected.

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/14-incredible-sex-tips 

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