How to Make a Woman Feel Sexier: Ways to Speak Your Mind !

When words fail, action prevails. But, what if words find you instead of failing you? To women, being verbally acknowledged and seduced is so important. This is mostly because men don’t verbalize their thoughts and compliments, and don’t think of them as seduction tools. But they are!

Words have the power to swipe almost any woman to her feet, especially if she’s standing naked before you. Sex and sexy talk go hand-in-hand, and with the right choice of wording, you can land your woman on cloud nine. So, to help you get better at talking in bed like you mean it, here are a few ideas to make your woman feel extra special in the nude.


Don’t even think about dropping the wrong name. Instead of being all moans and no words during sex, try saying your partner’s name. Even better, breathe it against her ear or neck, over and over again. Women have a great ego when it comes to sex, so don’t shy away from letting her know how good of a lover she is, too.


While you already know what tightness is referring to, you might not have known how much appreciate hearing you say it. Telling a woman she feels good ‘on the inside’ is one of the biggest turn-ons you can complement her with. By doing so, you will show her than she can really excite you, arouse you and make you feel good when inside.


The same thing as tightness, wetness also plays a major role when complimenting a woman in bed. Use the word as a reference and get inspired, letting her know how her wetness makes you feel. If you lack inspiration, I suggest you ‘borrow’ one of her erotica novels and read a chapter or two.


Even if you are not personal or together with your sex partner, it is always important to put the emphasis on them. For ideas, it is best to keep it simple- ‘You make me feel so good’, ‘You drive me crazy like no one else’, ‘I love how YOU feel on my skin’. You get the idea.


More of an instruction, inviting your woman to orgasm for you can be truly sexy and arousing for her. Hey, it might even push her to the edge, if she had not been there yet. However, before you overuse the word, play your part and do foreplay justice.


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