These 4 Misconceptions could be Ruining Your Sex Life!

Having an extensive sexual experience does not equate a detailed knowledge in the topic. Despite ever-changing opinions on your sex life, we all tend to become stuck in what we used to know on the subject.

Nevertheless, sex is a never-ending field of exploration, which serves as excellent grounds to debunk some of the greatest myth revolving it. To do that, we have to ask ourselves about our most outdated, timely and unnecessary discomforts we have with sex in the first place.

What is it we’re not getting right here?

In an attempt to shed some light on the topic, here are 4 misconceptions about sex today.

1. Your Sex Life: Pulling Out before Ejaculating Means No Pregnancy!

Otherwise known as the ‘withdrawal method’, ejaculating outside the vagina after vaginal sex is frequently a ‘do’ to prevent pregnancy. Still, sex experts nowadays have largely debunked that statement.

Although a logical move, pulling out before an orgasm is not a completely baby-proof technique. At the same time, the chances of pregnancy by withdrawing from the action, are slim. But, would you rather be safe than sorry?

2. Ejaculation in Women is basically Urine!

To many, a female ejaculate, or squirting, is nothing but urine. However, sex therapist Dr. Threadgill negates this opinion and notes female ejaculate is a fluid released by the Skene’s glands and happens whenever the G-spot is stimulated. Although pee-looking, squirting has nothing to do with urine.

3. Your Sex Life: More Partners Means a Looser Vagina!

Many men fear that if their partner has had more sex partners, her vagina might be a bit looser. For many women as well, this tricky question still lingers in the air. Waiting to debunk it is Dr. Threadgill, who explains that vaginal walls contract on their own once a penetration happens.

This goes for the walls both tightening and relaxing, and it has nothing to do with the amount of people your partner has been with. But, when it comes to vaginal muscle weakening, it tends to happen as women age, which is where Kegel exercises step into the picture.

4. Sex during Period is Yucky!

Unless you consider it so, sex during period is not medically forbidden or wrong. In fact, many expert concur that women tend to like sex on their periods.

The reasons for this is are that menstrual blood provides a smoother lubrication to the vagina and helps the muscles relax. Naturally, not only is the sex great, but you will also alleviate your lady off some painful cramps. And don’t get me started about the kinky side of it.


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